How Is Santiago Struggle With The Fish Similar To Arm Wrestling? (Question)

  • The fish serves as a competition as well as a buddy for the elderly gentleman, Santiago. A skillful and informed fisherman, the elderly gentleman has been competing for most of his life. He engaged in a twenty-four-hour arm-wrestling competition against the “strongest guy on the docks” when he was a teenager.

Why did Santiago give up arm wrestling?

As time went on, Santiago won a few more battles and began to believe that he could beat anyone. He eventually decided to quit up arm wrestling since it may hurt his right hand, which he used for fishing. Although he attempted to use his left hand, he discovered that “his left hand had always been a traitor and would not perform what he asked of it, and he did not trust it.”

What did Santiago call arm wrestling?

El Campeon was the nickname given to him.

What does Santiago long for while he struggles with the marlin?

In the first few chapters of the book, he describes how he has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish, and how he has become the laughingstock of his little hamlet. He then suffers a lengthy and hard battle with the marlin, only to have his prized catch destroyed by sharks after a protracted and exhausting battle.

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What problems did Santiago have with his hands?

Santiago receives what he refers to as a “line burn” on his right hand as a result of the incident. This is even before he begins to fish with great intensity. The left hand then develops a severe cramp, and he is unable to straighten it till the spasm goes away. Later, he suffers a serious line cut on his left hand as a result of the incident.

What does Santiago compare the sea to?

What does Santiago use as an analogy for the sea? What are the fishermen’s perspectives on the situation? He compares the waters to the Mediterranean (feminine). El mar is compared to the sea by the fisherman (masculine).

Why does Santiago want the fish to jump?

Santiago believes that the fish will leap because the air sacs in its stomach will fill and prevent the fish from sinking too far into the water, making it simpler to pull out of the water when it does.

How does Santiago recall DiMaggio during his struggle with the fish?

On Santiago’s second day at sea, he reflects on the fact that he is unaware of the outcome of the baseball games that are taking place while he is fishing, but is convinced that DiMaggio performed admirably. Despite the fact that Santiago is experiencing agony and suffering, he tells himself that DiMaggio, his idol, is also experiencing these things but has persevered despite his suffering.

What kind of fish does Santiago finally catch?

With all of his tremendous experience and power, he battles with the fish for three days, appreciating its strength, dignity, and loyalty to its identity; the fish’s destiny is as true as Santiago’s as a fisherman. He eventually defeats the fish. He finally manages to bring the marlin in and secure it to his boat.

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Why did the old man eat dolphin?

Fearing that the crushed dolphin flesh will make him queasy and cause him to lose his strength, the elderly gentleman wipes the meat from his face with a tissue. “Pain does not matter to a man,” he says, as he examines his injured hand in his reflection. He consumes the second flying fish in the hopes of increasing his overall strength.

How is Santiago similar to the marlin?

Santiago first feels sorry for and admires the fish before empathizing with and identifying with it. He understands that, just as the marlin was destined to be a fish, he was destined to be a fisherman as well. The inevitability of their situations makes them brothers, and they are both caught in the inevitable cycle of predator and victim.

What are Santiago’s thoughts during the journey with the fish?

Santiago shows to himself that he still possesses his physical power. As seen by his capture and successful capture of the large fish, Santiago demonstrates that he is not too old to achieve important successes. In losing the fish to the sharks, Santiago is reminded that the ocean (and Nature) is a far more powerful force than any man can possibly understand or comprehend.

Does Santiago possess any flaws?

Summary of the lesson Santiago’s weakness is his extreme pride and resolve to continue even when the situation is too risky. While it leads to the most incredible catch he could have imagined, it also leaves him battling for his life in the process.

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What causes Santiago’s hands?

What is it that causes Santiago’s hand to bleed? The fish gives a sharp heave in the morning, and the old man is dragged down onto the bow of the boat. He supports himself and throws a line to the fish in an attempt to keep himself from falling overboard. During this procedure, the line injures his hand, which causes it to bleed.

What is the struggle in the Old Man and the Sea?

It is the narrative of an epic battle between an old, seasoned fisherman and the largest catch of his life, which is told through the eyes of the characters in the film. Santiago, a retired Cuban fisherman, has been out to sea for eighty-four days and has returned without a single catch.

What injuries did Santiago have in the Old Man and the Sea?

Suffering on a Physical Level in Santiago’s Case His hands are ripped and hurting, but he continues to work through the discomfort in order to catch the fish. “He couldn’t see the fish’s leaps, but he could hear the breaking of the waves and the heavy splash when he descended,” Hemingway writes in his novel The Old Man and the Sea.

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