How Much Does A Sumo Wrestling Ticket Cost? (TOP 5 Tips)

In preparation for his match, a sumo wrestler scoops up a handful of salt to toss into the ring. Despite the fact that costs vary from venue to venue, box rates begin at 9,500 yen per person (and often accommodate between one and six persons), while arena seats begin at 2,100 yen.
To attend a sumo wrestling bout, how much does it set you back?

  • The cost of a ticket for the same-day sumo wrestling bout is JPY2,200 per ticket, with a discount of JPY200 for minors (4-15 years). Pay the money in cash and pick up your same-day ticket at the ticket window. (Please keep in mind that they do not take credit cards.) That’s all there is to it! Your admission ticket to a sumo wrestling bout in Tokyo.

How much does it cost to watch a sumo match in Tokyo?

Including tax, the cost of ringside seats for a sumo battle in Tokyo amounts to approximately JPY14,800. You may purchase these tickets on the official sumo federation website – Oosumo – which is accessible 24/7. The ringside seats are quite near to the action, to the point where it is possible for a wrestler to tumble into the audience during a match.

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How can I go to sumo?

Attending a sumo tournament is the finest way to see what sumo is all about. Tickets are available for purchase for each day of the competitions’ 15-day duration. is a website that allows you to purchase tickets in advance from the official seller. Instead than purchasing them at stadiums, they may be obtained from convenience stores (with some Japanese language abilities necessary).

Is sumo wrestling illegal?

However, despite the fact that its regulations are rather permissive when compared to other grappling sports, sumo contains clearly defined prohibited techniques that may result in the forfeiture of a bout in seconds. With a closed hand, one is striking the other. Another type of assault is eye gouging. Those two maneuvers can be found in a variety of wrestling styles, while other prohibited moves are exclusive to sumo wrestling.

How many days is a sumo tournament?

Six Grand Sumo tournaments, known as honbasho, have been contested annually since 1958, three in Rygoku, Tokyo (in January, May, and September), and one each in Osaka (in March, July, and September), Nagoya (in July), and Fukuoka (in September) (November). Each tournament begins on a Sunday and goes for 15 days, with the last day falling on a Sunday as well as the beginning.

Is sumo an Olympic event?

Sumo wrestling was officially recognized as a sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 2018, however it is not yet included in the Olympic Games’ schedule. It is not for want of effort that the distinctly Japanese sport has gone beyond the country’s boundaries; in fact, two of the sport’s most prominent wrestlers, noted above, are Mongolian nationals.

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Where do sumo wrestlers have their matches?

Three of the six sumo tournaments are held in Tokyo in the Ryogoku Kokugikan sumo stadium, which is located in the city’s historic Ryogoku area, with the remaining three taking place in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, respectively.

Why do sumo wrestlers throw salt?

The modern form of the sport was formed during the Edo Period, and it continues to adhere to Shinto traditions and practices to this day. An announcer sings the names of the rikishi, and they are summoned to the ring to compete. The wrestlers toss salt and stamp on the ring to cleanse it, and they ingest special water to give them power.

How heavy is a sumo wrestler?

What is the weight of a sumo wrestler? Many wrestlers can weigh as much as 150 kg in competition (330 pounds). In order to grow to this size, the average sumo wrestler consumes up to 20,000 calories every day – over ten times the amount of calories required by an ordinary adult!

What can sumo wrestlers not do?

Punching, gouging, and kicking are all illegal, however slapping and tripping are permitted under some circumstances. Gripping the “mawashi” (sumo belt) anywhere around the waist is OK, but not around the crotch region. Pulling one’s hair is also prohibited.

Do sumo wrestlers have wife?

Sumo wrestlers can, in fact, tie the knot. In sumo wrestling, only the top ten percent of wrestlers are likely to tie the knot. Sumo wrestlers are granted greater freedom once they reach this stage in their careers, including a monetary income, the ability to choose where they reside, and even the ability to marry. Low-ranking sumo wrestlers reside and train in the stables where they are assigned.

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Are there female sumo wrestlers?

Even though there is a significant divide between amateur and professional contests, female wrestlers have been primarily barred from participating in Japanese sumo throughout the sport’s history, with women only being permitted to compete at the amateur level in the country since 1997. Jyuri Benuya is a champion sumo wrestler from Japan.

Do sumo wrestlers get neutered?

Even though there is a significant divide between amateur and professional contests, female wrestlers have been primarily barred from participating in Japanese sumo throughout the sport’s history, with women only being permitted to compete at the amateur level since 1997 in the country. Jyuri Benuya is a champion sumo wrestler who has won several championships in Japan.

Why do sumo wrestlers wear diapers?

A rikishi may choose to wear his mawashi in a certain way in order to get an edge over his opponent on occasion. He may choose to wear it loosely in order to make it more difficult to throw, or he may choose to wrap it firmly and pour a little water on it in order to assist prevent his opponent from obtaining a firm grasp on it.

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