What Is The 619 Wrestling Move? (Question)

Whilst his opponent is draped over the middle rope, the attacking wrestler strikes his opponent in the face with a two-footed spinning kick, grabbing hold of the top and middle ropes in the process. The move’s name is derived from Rey Misterio Jr.’s local area code; other wrestlers who utilize the move may use their own area code as a substitute.

  • Tiger fake kick or 619, a wrestling maneuver employed by Rey Mysterio that is designated by the area code 619 in San Diego, California, United States

Who invented the 619 wrestling move?

In an interview with Sony Sports India, Rey Mysterio explained how he came up with the 619 in the first place. He disclosed that it was a modified version of a technique done by wrestlers Tiger Mask and Super Astro from Mexico, which was as follows: “The move has really been tweaked, but the maneuver’s origins is Tiger Mask,” Mysterio explained.

Why does Rey Mysterio call his finisher the 619?

It is referred to as a “619” since it is the area code for San Diego, California. Rey was born in Chula Vista, California, and had his training in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, but Vince refers to him as a San Diego native because it is a city that many Americans are familiar with.

What is the 619 called in WWE 2k19?

The “619” is designated as such since it is the area code for San Diego, Calif. Vince refers to Rey as being from San Diego since it is a place that many people in the United States are familiar with. Rey was born in Chula Vista, California, and trained in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

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What is Randy Orton’s signature move?

RKO, a leaping cutter called after Orton’s initials, was first used by Orton during this time period and would go on to become his signature finishing a few years later.

What is Triple H signature move?

The pedigree is Triple H’s hallmark finishing move, and it has helped him win virtually all of his greatest bouts and most significant achievements, including a slew of major titles during his career. It has become a legendary finishing due to Triple H’s use of it on a continuous basis over the years.

How tall is Rey Mysterio?

Mysterio! R-E-Y! R-E-Y! Known as “The 619,” this is his hallmark move. He was initially known as Rey Mysterio Jr., but when he joined the WWE in 2002, his stage name was changed to Rey Mysterio.

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