What Is The Record Number Of Titles Won In Pro Wrestling? (TOP 5 Tips)

The most comprehensive rule is in effect.

No. Champion No. of Reigns
1 Ric Flair 16
John Cena
3 Triple H 14
Randy Orton


  • John Cena and Ric Flair are the two WWE superstars who have won the most overall world titles in the company’s history (16) Following Dean Ambrose’s victory in the WWE Championship in June 2016, the title was renamed to “WWE Championship.”

Who has the most world titles in professional wrestling?

Ric Flair is not just the most decorated world champion in wrestling history, but he is also widely regarded as one of the industry’s greatest-ever performers, owing to a phenomenally successful 40-year wrestling career that has seen him win more than 100 titles. In spite of the fact that he is officially a 16-time world champion, “The Nature Boy” believes he has won an incredible 21 world championships.

Who won the most titles in WWE?

Because of his enormously successful 40-year wrestling career, Ric Flair is not only the most decorated world champion in wrestling history, but he is also widely considered to be one of the industry’s best ever talents. “The Nature Boy,” who is officially a 16-time world champion, considers himself to have won an incredible 21 world championships.

Who is the winningest wrestler of all time?

1. It’s a stone cold day Steve Austin is a fictional character created by author Stephen King. Stone Cold throughout his professional life Steve Austin is arguably the most popular wrestler to ever put on a pair of boots, and his inclusion on the first ballot of the WWE Hall of Fame is justified by his numerous World title reigns and his role in the WWF’s eventual victory over the NXT in the Monday Night Wars. Austin is a first-ballot Hall of Fame candidate.

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How many titles won in WWE?

In the WWE, there are currently 20 titles available. As of December 23, 2021, a total of 26 wrestlers are officially crowned champions throughout the five currently active brands. It lists the number of times the wrestler has held the championship, the date and place of the victory, as well as a summary of the winning match.

Which wrestler has the most losses?

15 WWE wrestlers who have suffered the most defeats in the company’s history

  1. Wrestlers with the most losses are Kane (1221), The Miz (11182), * Brooklyn Brawler (1169), Randy Orton (1017), The Big Show (910), Cody Rhodes (883), Jack Swagger (838), and The Big Show (1221).

Who held the WWE Title longest?

1 Kane has 1221 losses. 2 The Miz has 1182 losses. 3 * Brooklyn Brawler has 1169 losses. 4 Dolph Ziggler has 1104 losses. 5 Randy Orton has 1017 losses. 6 The Big Show has 910 losses. 7 Cody Rhodes has 883 losses. 8 Jack Swagger has 838 losses.

Who is best WWE wrestler ever?

According to Cagematch.net, the top 15 WWE wrestlers of all time are as follows:

  1. Shawn Michaels is ranked number one (9.60) Shawn Michaels, according to Cagematch.net ratings, is the best wrestler in the history of the WWE. Chris Jericho (9.52), Io Shirai (9.51), The Undertaker (9.50), WALTER (9.49), Eddie Guerrero (9.58), Steve Austin (9.48), AJ Styles (9.546), and WALTER (9.52) are the top five wrestlers in the world.

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