What Wrestling Federation Does Billy Corgan Own?

The National Wrestling Alliance is a professional wrestling organization.

Trade name NWA
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Area served Worldwide
Key people Billy Corgan (President) Pat Kenney (Executive Producer) Billy Trask (Director of Television) Krista Wayner (Accountant of Lightning One)
Products Television Merchandise Home video Live events


Did Billy Corgan buy NWA?


Who owns the NWA tape library?

WWE owns the raw master tapes for all of the footage in the collection, which means it has complete control over the content.

What happened to the National Wrestling Alliance?

The NWA was at its peak until Vince Mcmahon Jr. purchased the then-WWWF from his father and began buying up lesser firms until he became the most powerful man in professional wrestling history. When Ric Flair joined with the WWF and took the large gold title with him, the WWW and the NWA were forced to separate ways in 1993.

Who owns AEW wrestling?

Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, originally envisioned a pro wrestling program that had all of the industry’s most appealing characteristics, including established talent, emerging stars, intriguing matches, and an element of surprise. Khan is pleased with the early results of Dynamite, which has been running for two years.

Who started NWA Wrestling?

Cornette’s autograph is included in the purchase of $15.00. Meanwhile, the Boesch family retains ownership of the Houston Wrestling film archive, but Smashing Pumpkins frontman and self-proclaimed wrestling fanatic Billy Corgan bought the licensing rights to the library in 2017.

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What wrestling companies Does Vince McMahon own?

Vince McMahon is the chairman and chief executive officer of the entertainment corporation World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), which generates about $1 billion in revenue each year under his leadership. He grew up in a trailer park in North Carolina and joined his father’s little wrestling organization in 1972, making him the third generation of wrestlers to enter the business.

What brands does WWE own?

Of course, we wrestling fans are aware that the WWE is divided into three “brands,” namely, Raw, Smackdown, and Extreme Championship Wrestling. What I don’t get is the notion of three entirely separate shows, each with its own cast and narrative.

Where can I watch Combat Zone Wrestling?

Combat Zone Wrestling | Prime Video may be seen online.

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