When Did Aj Styles Leave Impact Wrestling? (Best solution)

Styles is perhaps the most famous wrestler in the history of TNA, but he left the business in 2013 to compete for Ring of Honor and then the New Japan Pro Wrestling.
Spoiler for the AJ Styles tease from Impact Wrestling – WrestleTalk

  • He made appearances at both of their pay-per-view events, Bound for Glory and Turning Point. AJ Styles has a lengthy history with Impact Wrestling, despite the fact that he is not leaving WWE to return to the business. He was regarded as one of the TNA Originals and served as the company’s public face for several years before departing in 2013.

When did AJ leave TNA?

After nearly a decade in the TNA organization, AJ Styles returned to the independent wrestling scene. He re-joined Ring of Honor before deciding to leave the organization in 2016.

Is AJ Styles going to IMPACT Wrestling?

So, we’ll see what happens.” AJ Styles went on to remark that IMPACT Wrestling had made significant strides in recent years and presently had a slew of talented individuals, but that he was unlikely to return to the business. “To say that they don’t have a lot going on at the moment would be an understatement. They’ve got a lot of potential, to be sure.

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Why did Samoa Joe leave TNA?

When Joe returned to the ring after his match with Hardy, he was enraged with the production team for starting a countdown to the time limit draw when Joe explicitly requested that one not be started because he believed it would disclose the outcome of the match too soon. In response to his outburst, Joe was suspended from TNA for an undetermined period of.

Did AJ Styles leave WWE?

He is presently contracted to the WWE, where he appears on the Raw brand and competes in the ring. With his second victory in Manchester, Styles became the first wrestler in WWE history to win the WWE Championship outside of North America. Styles returned to the organization in 2016, and has won the WWE Championship twice since then.

Is Samoa Joe related to ANOA I?

The Anoa’i Family, according to an article in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, says Samoa Joe has a distant ancestor with them, but that this ancestor lived long before Reverend Amituana’i Anoa’i, and so is not a member of the family.

Why did Kurt Angle leave WWE?

Angle has already discussed how he endured many injuries and was in poor physical condition at the end of his first WWE run. For health concerns, the multi-time world champion opted to resign from his position with the firm, and he was given his release on August 25, 2006.

Can AJ Styles speak Japanese?

Styles: I’ll admit that I’m a touch envious of his G1 victory. He’d earned the right to do so, after all. He was the first geijin [foreigner] to win the Grand Prix of Japan, and he’s earned it after putting in a lot of effort. The man is fluent in Japanese, although I am barely conversant in English.

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Is AJ Styles the best wrestler ever?

AJ Styles has eight children (9.46) AJ Styles was the finest wrestler to ever work for TNA, a homegrown talent who won 19 titles in the business, including three global championships, before he was forced to leave the organization. He then went to Japan, where he had great success, capturing the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on two separate occasions. In the next year, he joined WWE.

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