When Did Bushiroad Buy New Japan Pro Wrestling? (Solved)

Bushiroad stated on January 29, 2012, that it has completed the acquisition of New Japan Pro-Wrestling, a prominent professional wrestling organization, for a total of 500 million.

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Bushiroad headquarters in Tokyo in 2009
Traded as TYO: 7803
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  • New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) is a professional wrestling organization based in Japan that was bought by Bushiroad on January 31, 2012. It is the largest and most established wrestling promotion in the country. New Japan Pro-Wrestling of America (NJPWA) is an American affiliate of the corporation that was established in 2019 by NJPW. Sopratico
  • a soprano who sings.

Who owns New Japan Pro Wrestling?

Japan’s New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co., Ltd. (often known as NJPW) is a professional wrestling promotion located in the Tokyo suburb of Nakano. Amuse, Inc. Inoki Promotions was founded on January 13, 1972, by Antonio Inoki, and eventually sold to Yuke’s, who in turn sold it to Bushiroad in 2012.

How much money does Bushiroad make?

According to Bushiroad, the company had a prosperous fiscal year in FY2020, with revenues of $316 million and net income of the equivalent of $15 million.

Who owns Bushiroad?

Japan businessman Takaaki Kidani (, Kidani Takaaki, born June 6, 1960) was born in the city of Kanazawa on the island of Hokkaido. Bushiroad was founded by him, and he serves as its president.

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Is Japan Pro Wrestling real?

Puroresu () is the dominating style of professional wrestling that has emerged in Japan over the last few decades. It has evolved from its beginnings in the conventional US style of wrestling to become a distinct entity in its own right. Japanese pro wrestling is unusual in terms of its psychology and how it is presented to the public.

Who is the current WWE Champion?

McMahon, who was 54 when he won the championship. With a total of 13 reigns, John Cena holds the record for most of them. Big E is the current champion, and this is his first time holding the title. After paying in his Money In The Bank contract and defeating Bobby Lashley on Raw’s September 13, 2021, broadcast in Boston, Massachusetts, he was crowned champion.

Is New Japan Pro Wrestling scripted?

Nope. Both of them have been pre-written. However, although in NJPW, the moves are practiced beforehand, ROH allows its stars more leeway to pick their moveset as long as it results in the prearranged conclusion of the match, which is the case in most matches.

When was WWE first made?

Yuri Kidani, the CEO of Bushiroad, has even joked about how Bushiroad has become something of a “Yuri Company,” and how he’s quite comfortable with that, even if the company is still mostly known for its card games first and foremost. It’s fairly clear that they’re aware that they’re catering to homosexual girls.

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