When Worlds Collide Wrestling Star Ratings?

  • When Worlds Collide 1994 | WCW/AAA When Worlds Collide 1994 | Rating: 5 Stars In this Mask vs. Hair bout, the winner took two out of three falls. Guerrero and Barr were defeated in the match and were forced to shave their hair as punishment.

What is the highest rated wrestling match of all time?

It was at Dominion 6.9 at Osaka-jo Hall in June 2018 where Meltzer granted the highest possible rating of 7 stars, which he gave to Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada, which was the highest rating he has ever given.

How many 5 star matches does Ric Flair have?

Ric Flair is ranked ninth in the world.

Does Kurt Angle have a 5 star match?

Kurt Angle is number six on the list. Despite the fact that he has never competed in a five-star match, Kurt Angle is widely regarded as one of the finest in-ring craftsmen in the history of professional wrestling. To his credit, Angle has earned 27 4-stars, 28 4.25 stars, 10 4.5 stars, and three 4.75 stars, which is a respectable tally in the professional wrestling industry.

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How many 5 star matches does Randy Orton have?

As a result, Orton has never had a 5-star bout in his career. On a few times, he has exceeded the 4-star level, although this has only happened on a few occasions, as the majority of his matches have been in the 3-star area. Simply said, Orton is a superstar, but he is not the elite-level wrestler that the majority of the world has grown to know and love over the past few years, as many have assumed.

What are the top 10 wrestling matches of all time?

The Greatest Wrestling Debate of All Time: The Top 25 Matches of All Time

  • In the following matches: The Undertaker vs. Triple H
  • Triple H vs. The Rock
  • Hulk Hogan vs.
  • Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tanaka (ECW Heatwave ’98-ECW Title)
  • The Rock vs. Wrestlemania 15-WWE Championship match between Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Survivor Series ’96)

What is the best wrestling move?

From the Stone Cold Stunner to the Mandible Claw, here are the 25 greatest wrestling finishes of all time.

  1. Stunner with a vengeance. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  2. Sweet Chin Music are some of the artists that have used this song. Some of the moves that Shawn Michaels has used are: RKO/Diamond Cutter.
  3. Razor”s/Edge. Outsider’s
  4. Tombstone Piledriver and the Jackknife Powerbomb, as well as: Rock Bottom and the Flying Elbow

Who has the most 4 star matches?

Kazuchika Okada of the New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) has broken the record for having the most matches given four stars by Dave Meltzer. His fight with Sanada last week was the one in which he set a new record for him. Kazuchika Okada has now played 143 matches awarded four stars, overtaking Kenta Kobashi for the most in the history of the sport.

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Who is Dave Meltzer favorite wrestler?

1 Kazuchika Okada is a Japanese wrestler. Kazuchika Okada has been regarded as the finest wrestler in the world for numerous years, and in 2017, Dave Meltzer presented him with the award recognizing his accomplishments. He held the IWGP Heavyweight Championship for the whole year, and he was immensely dominant for the duration of his reign.

Did Dave Meltzer ever wrestle?

Early in his youth, he displayed an interest in professional wrestling as well as a journalistic approach to the sport. Meltzer was the author of various wrestling-related magazines that were published prior to WON, stretching as far back as 1971. The most noteworthy of these was the California Wrestling Report, which was published about the same time.

Does Daniel Bryan have any 5 star matches?

Early in his youth, he expressed an interest in professional wrestling and adopted a journalistic approach to it. Beginning in 1971, Meltzer contributed to a number of wrestling-related periodicals that predated WON. Of them, the California Wrestling Report, published in the late 1960s, was the most noteworthy example.

How many 5 star matches does Kurt Angle have?

Angle has competed in one six-man hell in a cell match, which he won in 2000, and he has appeared as a main event at three WrestleManias during his career. Kurt Angle has wrestled against wrestlers ranging from Shawn Michaels through Chris Benoit, all of whom have received five-star ratings.

Where can I watch Njpw?

For the first time ever, fans will be able to watch whole historic episodes of NJPW STRONG every single week for FREE on FITE, YouTube, and NJPW World beginning next Thursday at 10/9c.

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