Who Has Held The Most Wrestling Titles? (Solution found)

Most wins in a single championship

No. Champion No. of reigns
1 John Cena 13
2 Edge 7
6 Ric Flair 6
4 The Sandman 5


  • After exceeding all expectations, the 16-time WWE Champion went on to become the face of the organization for more than a decade after his debut. John Cena now holds the record for the most victories in the history of the business, with 1,731 victories out of the 2,180 matches in which he has fought.

Who has won the most wrestling world titles?

Ric Flair is not just the most decorated world champion in wrestling history, but he is also widely regarded as one of the industry’s greatest-ever performers, owing to a phenomenally successful 40-year wrestling career that has seen him win more than 100 titles. In spite of the fact that he is officially a 16-time world champion, “The Nature Boy” believes he has won an incredible 21 world championships.

Who is the greatest wrestling of all time?

Here are the top ten greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, in no particular order:

  1. The Undertaker is a fictional character created by the author Stephen King in the novel The Undertaker. WWE fans, critics, and other sportsmen unanimously agree that The Undertaker is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time. Dwayne Johnson is the star of the film Stone Cold. WWE superstars Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and John Cena, along with Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, were all in attendance.
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Which wrestler has the most losses?

15 WWE wrestlers who have suffered the most defeats in the company’s history

  1. Wrestlers with the most losses are Kane (1221), The Miz (11182), * Brooklyn Brawler (1169), Randy Orton (1017), The Big Show (910), Cody Rhodes (883), Jack Swagger (838), and The Big Show (1221).

What is John Cena WWE record?

He currently holds the WWE Championship. Cena has won a total of 17 championships in the WWE, including 10 World Championships (having won the WWE Championship a record tying eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship twice).

Who has the most high school wrestling wins?

Eric Grajales is being referred to as “perhaps the finest high school athlete in the history of the Tampa Bay Area.” Known for its wrestling program and a 459-match winning run that stretched almost four decades before coming to an end last year, Brandon High School (Florida) has a rich wrestling history.

Who is the best Greco-Roman wrestler of all time?

Russian Greco-Roman wrestler Aleksandr Karelin (born September 19, 1967, Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia), known for his exceptional power and unmatched success in international competition, is a household name in the wrestling world. Karelin is largely regarded as the best Greco-Roman wrestler of all time, and with good reason.

What country has the best Olympic wrestlers?

When it comes to freestyle wrestling, the United States of America leads the way with 46 gold medals and 108 total medals to their credit; the Soviet Union and Turkey come in second and third, with 28 and 19 gold medals each.

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