Who Was The Women’s Wrestler Who Died After Wrestling Daphne? (Correct answer)

Fans expressed their concern on social media, and law enforcement officers were deployed to previously known residences until Spruill’s family was able to offer a new address. Spruill’s death was publicized online the next day by Shimmer wrestler Lexie Fyfe, who did so at the request of Spruill’s family.

How did female wrestler Daphne die?

A gunshot wound to the chest caused the former wrestler’s death, according to the death certificate, which was revealed on Monday. He was 32 years old. As previously reported, Daffney — real name Shannon Spruill — was discovered dead on September 2 after she had videotaped herself on Instagram Live, pretending to be suicidal, and was identified as the victim.

What female wrestler died recently?

Shannon ‘Daffney’ Spruill, a former wrestler, was found dead after uploading a disturbing video on social media. Shannon Spruill, a former professional wrestler who competed by the ring name Daffney Unger, died on Thursday, according to SHIMMER women’s professional wrestling, which confirmed her death one day after she posted worrisome social media videos about her health.

What former wrestler just died?

A terrifying video posted on social media by former wrestler Shannon “Daffney” Spruill resulted in her death. Following the death of Shannon Spruill, also known as Daffney Unger, on Thursday, the SHIMMER women’s professional wrestling organization released an official statement. Spruill had posted unsettling social media videos the previous day.

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What professional wrestler was found dead at the age of 46?

Daffney, actual name Shannon Spruill, was a former professional wrestler who passed away at the age of 46. Following Spruill’s disturbing Instagram Live video broadcast Wednesday night, in which she read what appeared to be a farewell message and stated that her brain should be donated to the CTE Center in Boston, there has been growing concern for her well-being.

How did Daphne Spruill die?

According to investigators, former wrestler Shannon ‘Daffney’ Spruill died as a result of an apparent gunshot wound. Daffney Unger, a professional wrestler who competed under the ring name Shannon Spruill, died of an apparent gunshot wound to the chest, according to a Gwinnett County coroner’s report (Ga.)

What happen to Shannon Spruill?

According to the Gwinnett County Police Department, the former professional wrestler known as Daffney was found dead in her Norcross apartment last Thursday, the victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, which was discovered by her roommate. Daffney’s true name was Shannon Spruill, and she was 46 years old at the time of her death.

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