Who Were The Wrestling Tag Team Mabel And Moe? (TOP 5 Tips)

Men on a Mission was a professional wrestling tag team comprised of Mabel (Nelson Frazier) and Mo (Robert Horne). The pair was most remembered for their exploits in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) from 1993 to 1996, during which time they won the World Championship.

What happened to Mo From Men on a mission?

Men on a Mission was officially disbanded on June 17, 1996, according to the band’s official website. Horne would continue in the Memphis area, mostly wrestling under the ring name Rob Harlem, and would compete under that identity in the United States Wrestling Association, its successor “Memphis Pro Wrestling,” and Randy Hales’ “Power Pro Wrestling.”

How did Mabel become viscera?

When Mabel and Mo were humiliated by the defending tag team champions – Smoking Gunns – in a 1995 match, they launched a vicious attack on them. They did it again shortly after and followed it up by turning on Oscar and beating him up, thereby turning them both into cowards.

How old is Mabel?

A professional wrestling tag team in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) consisting of Tito Santana and Rick Martel, known as Strike Force, was formed in 1992.

Who did Mabel injure?

3 Kevin Nash detested the fact that he was working with him. Nash was accidently harmed by Mabel, which resulted in the worst conceivable outcome for him. When Diesel’s body goes numb throughout the match, he can be seen openly swearing in pain.

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Was Mabel King married?

Nelson Frazier Jr., better known by his stage names Mabel and Viscera, died on Tuesday night at the age of 42 after suffering a severe heart attack.

Was Tito Santana a heel?

As mercenaries, the Powers were brought in to aid Martel and Santana in their pursuit of vengeance against Demolition for both the loss of the title and the damage to Martel. In following years, The Powers would find more permanent management with The Baron until eventually turning heel at the 1988 Survivor Series by taking Demolition’s manager Mr. Demolition from him.

Who was Rick Martel tag team partner?

In 1986, Martel made a triumphant comeback to the WWF, this time as a member of the tag team alongside Tom Zenk.

What happened to the Model Rick Martel?

With the help of his tag team partner Tom Zenk, Martel returned to the WWF in 1986.

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