Why Is Carmella Not Wrestling? (Solution found)

  • However, according to Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Live (via Ringside News), there is a compelling reason why WWE has chosen not to broadcast Carmella’s match on television – and it is a rather expected reason. “It’s because she isn’t very good,” Alvarez explained the situation. It’s not like they have Lana wrestle very frequently, so throw her in the ring with Asuka,” says the ring announcer. As a result, there you have it.

Why was Carmella absent?

Even if she hasn’t been exploited to her full ability for the past few of months, WWE Superstar Carmella may be regarded one of the top Superstars on the current female roster. She has also been removed off television owing to a lack of creative preparation, something about which she is clearly dissatisfied.

Is Carmella returning to WWE?

Carmella has returned to the scene. After weeks of vignettes and teasers, the WWE’s worst kept secret was finally revealed when Carmella made her triumphant return to SmackDown Live! Carmella was the final wrestler in the Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match, which took place back in May.

What is Carmella’s gimmick?

When it comes to her wrestling persona, Carmella’s most recent gimmick has focused on her physical beauty, as she has called herself ” The Most Beautiful Woman in the World of WWE ” during backstage appearances and bouts. “Despite all I do, I will never receive the respect that I deserve just because of the way I seem, and that is just the way it is.” Carmella shared her thoughts.

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What is Carmella’s new gimmick?

Carmella is the seventh member of the Carmella family. She went on to win the Money in the Bank tournament and became the SmackDown Women’s Champion. After that, she performed a dance routine with R-Truth. Her current gimmick is that she is the most gorgeous lady in the WWE, which hasn’t worked out so well for her thus far.

Is Carmella heel or face?

Since she was promoted to the main roster in 2016 and placed into a rivalry with Nikki Bella, Carmella has been viewed as a heel by the WWE audience. She subsequently formed a partnership with James Ellsworth, with whom she was able to cheat her way to becoming the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank winner and then the SmackDown Women’s Champion in the process.

Does Carmella have any children?

Is Carmela the mother of any children? While it is unknown whether or not Carmela was previously married before her marriage to Jeremiah, she does have four children from a prior relationship.

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