Why Is Paige Not Wrestling Anymore? (Solution)

In late 2017, after sustaining a neck injury at a WWE live event, Paige was told that she will never perform again, therefore ending her wrestling career at the age of just 25 years old.

  • Paige is no longer competing in professional wrestling under the WWE name, since she has announced her retirement from the sport. During a live engagement in December 2017, Sasha Banks was involved in an unfortunate accident that resulted in the former Absolution leader suffering significant neck injuries. Since then, she has not wrestled.

Why was Paige fired?

Among the most recent, and arguably most significant, of these was former WWE Superstar Paige, who aired her sentiments on social media over the weekend, including on Twitter. The former Raw Women’s Champion also claimed that she was dismissed the same week that she requested extended time off to focus on her mental health, which was terrible to hear.

Is Paige coming back to WWE 2021?

Paige is still under contract with WWE until June 2022, and considering the recent spate of surprising returns to the business, she might very well be the next to return. In the wake of her neck accident nearly four years ago, Paige has been striving to get cleared – particularly motivated by Edge’s comeback after nearly a decade away – and it looks like 2022 will be the year she gets her wish.

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Is WWE Paige retired?

Rosa Mendes, the star of the network series ‘Total Divas,’ and Paige, the former WWE Divas Champion, are extremely good friends. After all these years, she’s shown to be a real friend, which is exactly what being a good friend is all about: being there when someone needs you, rather than when their relationship might benefit you.”

Is Paige on AEW?

Paige VanZant, a former UFC fighter who has transitioned into bare-knuckle boxing, has been making appearances on AEW television in recent weeks, alongside Dan Lambert’s America’s Top Team.

Who is Paige husband?

Bevis became engaged to fellow wrestler José Alberto Rodrguez Chucuan, better known in the WWE as Alberto Del Rio, in October 2016, however the couple called it quits in late 2017.

How did Paige break her neck?

It’s been about a year since Paige was injured during a house event on December 27 when she was kicked in the neck by Sasha Banks during a six-woman tag team match. Unfortunately, the previous Divas champion’s career was cut short as a result of the injuries. “There was never a time when Sasha was at fault,” Paige insisted.

Will Paige wrestle again?

It’s been about a year since Paige sustained a neck injury during a six-woman tag team match at the House of Blues on December 27. Sasha Banks was the opponent in the match. This injury unfortunately brought the previous Divas champion’s professional wrestling career to an end. In Paige’s opinion, “nothing has ever been Sasha’s fault.”

Is AJ Lee coming back to WWE?

AJ Lee, a former WWE star, has announced his return to professional wrestling in 2022. This also signals the return of the latter name to the world of professional wrestling after a lengthy absence.

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Are Paige and Alicia Fox still friends?

Moreover, she discussed the fact that she had lost touch with her closest friend for a year and a half because she had grown accustomed to people walking out of her life, but that she was able to apologize to Foxy and that they are now the best of friends once more.

Are Paige and Kevin still together?

Paige states that she and Kevin had “formally ended their relationship” after talking with her mother. Paige is later shown packing up her belongings and transferring them out of her house with Kevin and into a place of her own. It’s true that Paige’s relationship ended more pleasantly than she had anticipated, but she confesses that it’s still “a little painful.”

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